• How to Use A Electric Heating Knife?

    2021-08-20 [ BLOG ]

    A electirc heating knife is a tool to cut kinds of materials through resistance heating.It can cut fabric,cloth,ropes,webbing belts,styrofoam etc.Edge is well sealed and no fraying. When you use a hot knife,please fit the suitable blades i......


  • How to cut cords by hot cutter?

    2021-08-27 [ BLOG ]

    Electric rope cutter is a tool to cut nylon/PP rope,webbing belts,ribbons through heating blade. It is a good heat sealed tool for ropes and webbings.The edges is no fraying. At first,loose the 4 screws and insert the blade into the knife h......


  • How to Carve Foam by DIY Handy Tools Foam Cutting Pen Knife

    2023-03-08 [ BLOG ]

    Electric foam cutting pen is a cutting tool for user to cut carve sculpture foam EPE KT board.It is very suitable for low density,Styrofoam,EPE,KT board. When you plug in the power and turn it on. Adjust the temperature for better postion,......


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